AB Anchor Bible Commentaries, ed. William Foxwell Albright and David Noel Freedman
ABD Anchor Bible Dictionary (6 vols.), ed. David Noel Freedman
AKOT Analytical Key to the Old Testament by John Joseph Owens
ANE Ancient Near East
ANET Ancient Near Eastern Texts, James B. Pritchard
ASV American Standard Version
AV Authorized Version
BAGD A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Early Christian Literature, Walter Bauer, 2nd edition by F. W. Gingrich and Fredrick Danker
BDB A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament by F. Brown, S. R. Driver and C. A. Briggs
BHS Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, GBS, 1997
DSS Dead Sea Scrolls
EJ Encyclopedia Judaica
IDB The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible (4 vols.), ed. George A. Buttrick
ISBE International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (5 vols.), ed. James Orr
JB Jerusalem Bible
JPSOA The Holy Scriptures According to the Masoretic Text: A New Translation (The Jewish Publication Society of America)
KB The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament by Ludwig Koehler and Walter Baumgartner
LAM The Holy Bible From Ancient Eastern Manuscripts (the Peshitta) by George M. Lamsa
LXX Septuagint (Greek-English) by Zondervan, 1970
MOF A New Translation of the Bible by James Moffatt
MT Masoretic Hebrew Text
NAB New American Bible Text
NASB New American Standard Bible
NEB New English Bible
NET NET Bible: New English Translation, Second Beta Edition
NRSV New Revised Standard Bible
NKJV New King James Version
NIDNTT New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology (4 vols.), by Colin Brown
NIDOTTE New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis (5 vols.), ed. Willem A. VanGemeren
NIV New International Version
NJB New Jerusalem Bible
OTPG Old Testament Passing Guide by Todd S. Beall, William A. Banks and Colin Smith
REB Revised English Bible
RSV Revised Standard Version
SEPT The Septuagint (Greek-English) by Zondervan, 1970
TCNT The Twentieth Century New Testament
TEV Today's English Version from United Bible Societies
YLT Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible by Robert Young
ZPBE Zondervan Pictorial Bible Encyclopedia (5 vols.), ed. Merrill C. Tenney