God's Lightning: A Seminar on Prayer


Seminars may not have dedications, but if they did, I would dedicate this work to my wife of 71 years (yes, I'm 92 and she is 93!). She has stood by me and been my support for all these years of teaching and ministry in churches and schools. She has given me strength and encouragement to see this project finished.

I also deeply appreciate the excellent professional help of my editor, Dr. Jeanna White of East Texas Baptist University who has been my proof-reader and has suggested many valuable editorial changes to improve the presentation of the message.

Along that line I also appreciate the help of our older son, Dr. David King, Jr. who has also offered very positive suggestions for improvements in the presentation.

In addition, I am most grateful to Dr. Bob Utley for allowing this material to be posted on his website: freebiblecommentary.org. He and I have been friends for many years ever since we taught simultaneously at East Texas Baptist University from 1991 to 1996. I am deeply thankful for his deep study of the Word of God, his commentaries on all the books of the Bible, and his world-wide video and print ministry to teachers and church leaders.