It scares me just a little

this mystifying revelation.

but then again it peaks my curiosity

and stirs my imagination.

but I’ve learned I must be careful

how I view the message there,

making sure I’m not dogmatic

and exegeting it with care.

I know the language is symbolic

so I can’t be wild and free

with my interpretation

and ignore the ambiguity.

the genre is important

I must remember that,

never thinking that my answers

are the only answers that are pat.

but I hope that I can hear the words

the Father has to say,

look for Christ to come again,

show others He’s the Truth, the Life, the Way.

and then that I’ll remember as I struggle daily

in my earthly role,

that God will win,

He reigns supreme,

He is in control

Pat Bergeron 7/21/1999

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