Reviews of Dr. Utley's work:

“The commentary is written so that anyone with an average education can clearly understand it. However, the insights and applications are such that theological students and pastors and teachers will profit from Dr. Utley's research.”

David O. Dykes, Pastor, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas

“I have known Bob Utley for nearly 20 years. I have experienced him to be a person of genuine integrity with a deep passion to “rightly divide the word of truth'” His biblical commentary seems to me to be authentic, true to the context, and helpful to both scholars, educators, and pastors who seek to lift up what the word of God says rather than what we want it to say. I will use my copy with joy because of my deep respect for Bob Utley.”

Hardy Clemons, PhD., Senior Pastor, First Baptist, Greenville, South Carolina.

“Dr. Bob Utley approaches the New Testament with the warmth of a pastor and the diligence of a scholar.”

“The commentary gives helpful outlines of each book, valuable in-depth exegetical notes on each verse, and profitable word studies on each key word or phrase in the book. It is the kind of resource that a studious pastor and concerned Bible teacher will turn to again and again. It is obvious that the author's goal has been to provide the reader a tool that will lead them to an in-depth understanding of the Word of God.”

Dr. D. L. Lowrie, Pastor First Baptist Church, Lubbock, Texas

“Though the commentary is sufficiently technical to attract more advanced Bible students, it is written in easily understandable language that the untrained layperson can appreciate.”

“Cross references are extensive and will be extremely helpful for the person who wants to do additional comparative study of a verse.”

F.B. Huey, Jr., Professor of Old Testament Emeritus, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“A concise, but extremely helpful introductory article explains Utley's hermeneutical perspective. Blending the spirit disciplines of prayer and openness to God with a rigorous grammatical, historical, and contextual approach to exegesis, Utley provides the student with an excellent exegetical model. This article alone is a valuable tool to introduce Bible students, to the principles, techniques, and tools of good exegesis.”

“ Dr. Utley's work surely will benefit pastors, college students and seminarians. But in many ways, this volume provides Sunday school teachers and lay people of all backgrounds the opportunity to learn a solid method of biblical interpretation while gleaning insight from one who has practiced good exegesis for many years.”

Thomas V. Brisco, Associate Dean for Special Masters Degrees, Associate Professor of Biblical Backgrounds and Archeology,
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary