The Hebrew Bible is divided into three divisions (the English Bible follows the order of the Septuagint).

1. The Torah (Pentateuch), Genesis – Deuteronomy

2. The Prophets (Nevi'im)

a. former prophets, Joshua – Kings (except Ruth)

b. later prophets, Isaiah – Malachi (except Lamentations and Daniel)

3. The Writings (Kethubim)

a. Wisdom Literature, Job – Proverbs

b. Post-exilic Literature, Ezra – Esther

c. Megilloth (five scrolls, read on feast days)

 (1) Ruth (read at Pentecost)

 (2) Ecclesiastes (read at tabernacles)

 (3) Song of Songs (read at Passover)

 (4) Lamentations (read to remember the fall of Jerusalem in 586 b.c.)

 (5) Esther (read at Purim)

d. 1 and 2 Chronicles

e. Daniel

The latest book of the canon is 2 Chronicles.  The exact date is uncertain because of editorial additions to some of the genealogies.


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