The Hebrew term "accursed" (BDB 887, KB 1105) is used in two senses.

1. the curses of people against people (common in the ancient world) – Jdgs. 9:57; 2 Sam. 16:12; 1 Kgs. 2:8; Ps. 109:17-18; Pro. 27:14

2. the opposite of divine blessing

a. patriarchal – Gen. 27:12,33

b. YHWH – Deut. 11:26,28; 21:23; 23:5; 28:15,45; 30:1; Jos. 8:34; 2 Kgs. 22:19; Jer. 24:9; 25:18; 26:6; Zech. 8:13 (related to covenant obedience)

The key text theologically is Deut. 11:26,28. This sets the volitional stage for the consequences of covenant disobedience to become a reality. YHWH desires all peoples to know and honor Him so that He can bless and prosper them on the earth. However, disobedience results in the lack of even the taking away of physical blessing. These blessings are always related to an intimate, personal, and obedient relationship with God. 

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