I. Notes from Genesis 22:12

This term (BDB 431, KB 432) occurs often in the OT in two senses. It can mean "fear" (cf. Gen. 3:10; 18:15; 20:8; 28:17; 32:7; 42:35; 43:18), but in certain contexts it transitions to "awe," "respect," or "honor" when describing a human's attitude toward Deity. Note the following texts: Gen. 42:18; Exod. 1:17; 9:30; 18:21; Lev. 19:14,32; 25:17,36,43; Deut. 6:2,24; 10:12,20; 14:23; 17:19; 25:18; 28:58; 31:12-13; Ps. 33:8. This "fear" should issue in worship and obedience (cf. Exod. 20:20; Deut. 6:13,24; see Special Topic: Keep). It is a lifestyle relationship, not a set of isolated events, places, creeds, or rules. Obedience flows from respect and love, not fear of reprisal. Disobedience is primarily against love, as well as law! One's relationship with God becomes the priority of life! That "Abraham believed God" (Gen. 15:56) was demonstrated in his life by his actions in Genesis 22!


II. Notes from Isaiah 41:10

This is a very common word from YHWH to His people (cf. Isa. 41:13,14; 43:1,5; 44:2,8; 51:7,12; 54:4,14). Notice why they should not fear.

1. YHWH is personally with them (i.e., Ps. 23:4)

2. YHWH is their covenant God (i.e., Gen. 15:1; Exod. 14:13; Jdgs. 6:23; Isa. 41:10)

3. He will strengthen them

4. He will help them (Isa. 41:10,14)

5. He will uphold them (Isa. 41:10,13)

6. all who oppose them will

a. be shamed

b. be dishonored

c. be brought to nothing (Isa. 41:11-12)

d. perish


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