SPECIAL TOPIC: Satanic Attempts to Thwart the Messianic Line in Genesis

A. Cain's rebellion, Genesis 4

B. Mixing of human and angelic lines, Genesis 6

C. Tower of Babel rebellion, Genesis 11

D. Abram giving Sarai to Pharaoh, Genesis 12

E. Birth of Ishmael to Hagar (Sarah's servant), Genesis 16 

F. Abram giving Sarah to Abimelech, Genesis 20

G. Sacrifice of Isaac, Genesis 22

H. Rivalry between Esau and Jacob, Genesis 25, 32

I. Isaac giving his wife to Abimelech, Genesis 26

J. Trickery and rivalry of Laban, Genesis 29-31

K. Jacob merging with Shechem, Genesis 34

L. Rivalry between Jacob's children, Genesis 37

M. Judah's faithlessness and promiscuity related to Tamar, Genesis 38


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