This place name (BDB 1076 II, KB 1797 I) could refer to

1. a city in southern Spain on the Atlantic side, which was a Phoenician colony (i.e., Tartessus, Isa. 23:7)

2. the island of Sardinia (cf. Gen. 10:4)

3. a city on the north African coast (Carthage was a colony of Phoenicia; from LXX of Ezek. 27:12)

4. a metaphor for a far distant port (KB 1797, B., d.)

5. a type of large sea-going commercial ship (cf. Isa. 23:1)

6. a rival maritime nation (cf. 1 Kgs. 10:22)

The book of Jonah asserts it is to the west of Israel (cf. Jon. 1:3; 4:2), but how far is not stated.  By implication, however, it was as far as Jonah could get from the God of Israel.

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