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"A Guide to Good Bible Reading
A Personal Search for Verifiable Truth"
"The Bible is Eastern Literature" "Christian Freedom"
"Christian Fathers" "Christ's Second Coming" “Come to God's Banquet Table”
"Do You Get It?" "The Eucharist and Salvation" "Either Or vs Both And"
"How to help the new believer" "Intercessory Prayer" "Is Christianity True?"
“The New Covenant” "The Old Testament Background
to the Last Supper"
"The Resurrection Body"
"Thanksgiving" (prayer) "The Theological Issue
of Speaking in Tongues"
Acts 2; 1 Cor. 12:29-30, 14:39
"A Theology of Christian
Faith Assurance (not Certainty)"
"The Trinity" "Trustworthiness of the Bible" "Why I Trust the New Testament"
"Why I Trust the Old Testament"