Frazer United Methodist Church, Montgomery, AL

Sermons by Dr. John Ed Mathison

"Changing Our Culture One Enemy at a Time"
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  Redefine the Possible  
John Ed Mathison served the Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church for 36 years. When he arrived Frazer had 400 members. At his retirement, Frazer had over 8,800 members. In 1994, John Ed was the recipient of the National Clergyman of the Year by the Religious Heritage of America.

Frazerís worship services were carried on local television stations, then carried nationwide on The Acts Network and the Inspiration Network. Frazer worship services were also translated and shown in St. Petersburg, Russia and in several European countries.

After mandatory retirement at age 70, a group of people developed the John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries where John Ed is involved in preaching, teaching, missions and training pastors and lay people for ministry in Kingdom work. He has had the opportunity during the past two years to give training to more than 5,000 pastors. He can be contacted at or John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries, JAM Executive Suite 4, 4131 Carmichael Road, Montgomery, AL 36106.