1. Tunic
    1. undercoat of fine white linen
    2. length of tunic was to the ground, sleeves long and tied with sash
    3. white symbolized purity

  2. Ephod (See SPECIAL TOPIC: EPHOD.)
    1. made of blue cloth with gold wire, interwoven also with purple and scarlet thread (same colors as veil in the Holy of Holies)
    2. lower border of pomegranates and golden bells (bells were so that the other priests could hear him coming on Day of Atonement)
    3. fastened at the shoulder by 2 onyx stones engraved with the 12 tribes of Israel (six on each)
    4. called "the golden garment"

  3. Band of Ephod (girdle)
    1. same color and material as Ephod
    2. bound around the waist

  4. Breastplate (Exodus 28; 29) (See SPECIAL TOPIC: BREASTPLATE OF THE HIGH PRIEST.)
    1. square 8" or 9" set with 12 stones (4 rows of 3, cf. Exod. 28:17-20)
    2. attached by golden chain attached to onyx stones at the shoulders
    3. same colors and material as Ephod
    4. names of 12 tribes, one on each stone
    5. inner pouch containing Urim and Thummin (Exod. 28:30)

  5. Urim and Thummin (See SPECIAL TOPIC: URIM AND THUMMIN.)
    1. placed on the breastplate
    2. also called Lights and Perfections
    3. identity unknown

  6. Turban (miter, Exod. 28:36-39)
    1. engraved on gold strip in front, "Holiness to the Lord"
    2. fastened with blue cord
    3. called "golden crown"
See Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews 3.7.1-6

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